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A letter to Employers, CEOs and HRM of Companies


Every CEOs, Employers and HRM started one day with no experience. They were given a chance to showcase their ability by some individuals who believed in what they have to offer rather than the experience they have gained from a previous employment.


The reason for writing this is because I noticed that the normal trend of advertisement for vacancy of jobs in an organization is always the same. For example, we are looking a young and dynamic graduate with a good interpersonal skills, who have the potential for leadership and the ability to do well in a multi-disciplinary  and cultural diverse workplace. Requirements B.Sc. / Hnd in any accounting related Courses from a reputation university with a minimum of a second class upper (2.1) or upper credit, candidates should have 5-10 years working experience and must have completed the mandatory NYSC program and not more than 28 years as at December 2017. Do u notice all the clause??
1st the GRADE: many grade you see on some certificate are just because they know that is what u want to see and many go extra mile to get it either by exam malpractice or paying to get a good grade.  Am not disputing the fact that many get their grade through legit means. Many will say as far as u can defend your certificate, it doesn’t matter how you got the grade. Funny as it may sound, it’s still happen, most hard working students in the department gets the bad grades whereby those that know how to manoeuvre their way without working hard get the good grades. Although I stand to be proven wrong but it actually happens to me once and I felt bad because I actually prepared for that particular course. In the nutshell what am saying is this, employers should stop putting barriers in grade because many students will lie their way out just to get that grade an employer want. Imagine I was having a conversation with a said 2.1 accounting graduate from a reputable federal university and he could not simply explain what accounting is all about😳.
2nd the AGE: let me use my self as an example...... I gained admission into the University at the age of 20 after writing jamb and post jamb since I was 17 years old and not getting an admission until I went for a pre-degree program at 19 and finally gained my admission at the age of 20. Funny enough I putted in for Architecture and was given Chemistry 😂, Environmental to Sciences.....can u imagine that, a course of 5 years turned 7 years because of the strike. Remember I gained admission at age 20 + 5 = 25, I was supposed to graduate at 25 but ended up graduating at 20 + 7 = 27 and finished my youth service at 28 years of age. I ended up wasting 2 precious years because of bad leaders in the country. Employers can now see reasons why age is not a favourable clause to giving employment.
Many of the scholars and leaders in the country today graduated with a lesser grade and at an older age and those where never a barrier then, then I wonder why it should be a barrier now. What matters then is what u have to offer being a graduate.
Employers please give these young and dynamic graduates the opportunity to showcase their abilities.
The government and everyone keep shouting entrepreneur but how many entrepreneurs have they empowered?, how many is patronizing the local producers?, they rather trust brands with names forgetting those brands started one day like this small ones they refuse to patronise.
I love entrepreneurial skills because I want to be a boss of my own someday. I learn new skills everyday because I know the value of your certificate depreciate every minute without a skill.

Quote to employers : "Don’t kill the destinies of this young and fresh graduate by denying them opportunities to showcase their abilities".
Quote to fresh graduate and job        seekers : "Empower and develop yourself while you wait for that dream job. Don’t just be stuck searching for jobs. Remember self development is the key to a lasting success, because what u have inside of you..... No body can take it.                                                                            

Omosola Adenike Elizabeth