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First let me quote my pastor, pastor E. A Adeboye who said "many will wake up to realise their destiny is not in the hands of any Government".
I kept wondering these past weeks asking the same questions over and over again.
These are the questions :
1. Is the government really the problems of this country ?
2. Or the governed ?
3. Or the government and the governed ?

And it dawned on me that many of this challenges we face on a daily basis is as a result of our own indiscipline and greed.

Starting from our very own home, parents what kind of training are you giving your child? Are you training them to be leaders? Or are you just watching grow up and become nuisance?

Many a time we fail to realize that our leaders where once children, I leave their failures to their parents because am not here to talk about them... They are past tense. I want to talk about now and the future where u can play a part in as parents.

Parents, start instilling in your child what you want to see in a leader so that when that child grows up and pick up a leadership position, he/she can deliver.

Stop investing into their physical alone, start investing into their growth.

Am not saying your child shouldn't look good..... Am saying, their disciplined upbringing matters most.

Have encountered many kids, beautifully and handsomely dressed without manners and i begin to wonder how this parent destroys the future of this country without them knowing. When you try to correct these children, their Parents flares up forgetting these young ones are going to be leaders someday.

It is high time to start giving this young ones the right discipline..... Pampering your child is not love, you are only destroying him/her without knowin because they have no idea What right or wrong is except you let them know.

So parent please am begging you, train your children in the way you want them to grow so that when they grow they won't depart from it....

We see a lot of youth nowadays constituting nuisance in the society instead of leading the country....... Many youth doesn't even know their rights anymore, that they sell their votes for monetary gain not caring whether the candidate they are voting in has their best interest at heart. 

When the elected is not doing what is expected of him, then they start complaining forgetting he/she has paid them for his/her inefficiency.

My fellow youth.... The time is now, it's either you change your mentality and take up the mantle of leadership or you continue to serve degraded leaders for life. 
The choice is yours to make..... 


Greed has eaten up the heart of every human that all we ever think is how to reap where we did not sow...... How to increase the price  of good s because we happen to be the only one selling that products in the neighborhood at that time. When you confront those traders, their excuse is because fuel is costly/scarce. Further stating that it was transportation they used in bringing those goods.

Yes we know the pump price is high and the cost of transporting these goods has also increase but making a #100 profit on one good is too much.

The funny part is, when the pump price is regulated back to normal, many trader finds it difficult to return their goods to the normal price.

Please let's check ourselves and start considering people more. I believe a government cannot come and tell you to change your price back to normal, you just have to think it and act by doing the right thing.

To the Government, you are not left out.

Our political system has crumbled, there is nothing called democracy in our government anymore.

Democracy which simply means government of the people, by the people and for the people is no longer in existence. 

What we have now is policracy (permit me to use that English even tho it doesn't exist) which according to me means government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians. That is why you see a lot of hoodlum ruling because of what they stand to gain rather than what they have to offer.


we know many of these politicians belief they are above the law, due to the corrupt system.... Remember you will leave that position one day.  What will be your legacy? 
I was watching a movie titled Designated surviver by Keifer Sutherland.... I wish we have leaders, selfless compassionate, always wanting to do the right thing, Then we will be better than where we are today.

We have all the resources needed in this country..... Let's utilise it perfectly well and start seeing the changes we want.

Together I believe we can have a better country NIGERIA (GIANT OF AFRICA).
Youth it's time to show the world the true meaning of that name.