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Entrepreneur, the key to financial freedom ...... six (6) successful female entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Sub-topic: six (6) successful female entrepreneurs in Nigeria

 To be successful in life, you have to go the extra mile. If something is not working try something new, keep trying until you make it and become successful. The problem with many starters is lack of persistency. When you give up easily, then success is just an irony to you. Never give up until you make something out of life. The success story of these six (6) successful entrepreneurs will not only inspire you but also you will learn one or two things that will help u make that right decision.
  Mrs Folorunsho Alakija is a business tycoon, she is involved in the fashion, oil and printing industries. She is the director of Rose of Sharon group which consists of the Rose is Sharon prints and promotion limited and digital reality prints limited and the Executive Vice Chairman of Famfa oil. For her to be this prominent and successful didn’t start in a day, neither was all her effort successful initially. Was there any challenges? Yes there were but she was persistent and diligent. I read about her always because I always find strength in her success. One thing I know about her is that she never takes ‘NO’ for an answer. “Time is money” she said when interviewed some time back. To be the richest woman in Nigeria in 2015, the second most powerful woman in Africa and the 87th most powerful woman in the world did not happen overnight, she sure worked her way up the lather of success. She is a real definition of success, career wise and marital wise.

 Mrs. Tara Fela-Durotoye, founder and CEO of house of Tara international. Mrs Tara is a makeup artist and a lawyer. She started her makeup business as an undergraduate in the faculty of law, lagos state university. In 1999 she set up the first bridal directory and also set up an international standard makeup studios and also established the first makeup school in Nigeria. In 2007 she was awarded the Africa SMME award and the entrepreneur award in south Africa and in 2013, Forbes listed her as one 20 young power woman in Africa. She started as far back as in the university; a lawyer leaving her field of study into something unrelated I call that passion and courage. This means if your field of study isn’t making you successful, venture into something else and make it in life because that was what Mrs. Tara fela-durotoye did and this set apart from her peers.

Dr. Olamide Orekunrin is a British-Nigerian medical doctor and managing director of flying doctors Nigeria; a charity based in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated at the age of 21 becoming one of the youngest medical doctors in the United Kingdom. Her motivation to start the charity was when she lost her sister under a difficult situation which could have been avoided. Kept her going and eventually she successfully establish flying doctors in Lagos, Nigeria in 2007. Dr orekunrin encounter many difficulties but she has a goal which kept her going and Currently flying doctor  has 20 aircrafts and 44 doctors who can deliver care en route to any Nigeria’s hospitals. Her believe is that improvements in her country’s position in the world will result from entrepreneur and not the government.

Achenyo Idachaba is an American born entrepreneur working in Nigeria. She is best known for exploiting weeds for profit. She is the founder and CEO of Mitimeth. Idachaba moved to Ibadan, Nigeria, in 2009 she set up an environmental consultancy. She realized that Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) which was recognized as an invasive weed could be harvested as she has read of this happening in Asia. Imagine someone who just wants to work as a consultant, making use of problems brought to her by clients to paving her way up fame and success.  She used weeds to made products like waste basket and a table tidy. U might see a lot of waste around, although to some it just waste but to others it is an opportunity to make a difference. She saw what others couldn’t see and that was what set her apart from her peers. In 2014 her efforts were recognized when she was given the Cartier award. Hard work and diligence pays eventually, you just have to continue until you have something to show for.

   Nkiru Emodi , CEO of H.O.T(Home of Theresa). After graduation from the university in 2010 with difficulty getting a job and while trying to venture to business but wouldn’t know the kind of business to do. After a lot of business research with no solution to what she was looking for, she sat down and thought to herself, what do I spend my money on when it comes to getting things for myself? And the answer was leather foot wears so she decided to go into buying and selling of leather foot wears. At that time not only did she not have a job, she also did not have the capital to start a business. She went about seeking for a loan but majority turned her down until she met a man who advised her that instead of buying she should learn how to make foot wears. So she starting learning the art of shoe making and she said her first 3 month was challenging and difficult that she thought of stopping but she press on because she wanted to make a living. The end they say justifies the means. Now not only is she making a living, she is helping others make a living by employing them and paying them salaries. She won the Nigeria footwears industry in 2015.

  Linda ikeji is a Nigeria blogger. She is the founder of linda ikeji’s blog. How many of you would believe the famous Linda sold beer at the age of 19 just to make a living. Does she have a dream? Yes she does; her dream was to become a TV presenter which she failed to become. She contested for the 2003 Miss Nigeria beauty pageant and also failed. She kept trying until she made it. Blogging was not her plan, but blogging pave her way in life. She changed the face of blogging in Nigeria, now she is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria and she is set to launch her own TV station which reportedly will be streaming on DSTV. She currently lives in her #500M mansion in Banana Island. U can see that hard work pays. One lesson to learn from her is that; it doesn’t matter how many times u fail, what matters is that u start something new each time you fail until it become rewarding.

I quote; "failure doesn’t define you, success do". Try new ideas today and see things turning around for you.

By:  Adenike Omosola