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👉 How to Produce Adult/Kids Glow Black Soap

2 mold of white Ghana soap
2 tbs turmeric powder
1 tbs sulphur powder
30cl honey
10ml carrot oil
2 tbs Shea butter
10ml coconut oil
10 tea tree oil.         

Start by soaking your black soap with a little water and leave to dissolve overnight
If you are in hurry to use the soap, you can heat u the soap on fire by adding a little water to the soap in a pot until it dissolve

 Mix with other ingredients together very well n scoop into ur container... 
You can do a double boiler to melt ur Shea butter and oils together before adding to the soap mixture. Either ways.. 

~~ it glows Adult /children's skin
~~ it lightens the skin too, bcos d carrot oil is a skin lightener
~~ heals and prevents rash, eczema, ring worms and other skin related issues, bcos of d sulphur powder, turmeric powder and tea tree oil.
~~ it also moisturizes the skin bcos of honey, Shea butter and coconut oil.                               
*_You can add powdered milk to it, if u wish. That helps exfoliates the skin_*

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