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AHHH PASTOR! Police Recovers Coffin, Female Underwear From "Pastor's" House

The crows have come home to roost for a self-acclaimed Pastor who is the General Overseer and founder of Christ Mercy Ministry in Enugu State.
The said pastor allegedly raped a female member who had come for prayers. This led to his arrest which prompted the recovery of the strange items found in his possession.
A small coffin, multiple female pants and braziers were recovered from his house.
He told journalists that he procured the coffin and other items from a native doctor in Kogi State, with the hope of making money and attracting favour.
While admitting to raping the female member, the pastor said, “I paid the native doctor N200,000, to get the coffin and the flute. He told me to do certain things, after which I will get a Ghana-Must-Go bag full of money in my room.
“But after two weeks, the money did not come as the native doctor told me.”

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